A Father Recorded His Wife Giving Birth Outside A Hospital With A GoPro

07.10.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

“Daddy, can you tell me about the time I was born outside a hospital, and you were recording the entire time using a GoPro?” “Shhhhh, don’t say that word. You know it’s been illegal since Google bought the company, and the rest of the world.” Rosenberg, Texas, resident Kristin Dickerson was nearly two weeks overdue when her water broke last weekend. Her husband, Troy, rushed her into the car, though not before grabbing his camera to record the baby’s birth, just as he had with their two other kids.

As the couple headed to the Women’s Pavilion at Texas Children’s Hospital, Kristin told her husband to pull over at any hospital. Troy, still believing they would make it, kept driving.

Troy said reality set in when he pulled up in front of the hospital and Kristin told him she could feel a head. As he yelled for help and grabbed bags from the car, Kristin stepped out of the vehicle and then found herself unable to move. Kristin ended up giving birth right outside the car, standing up.

Most of the icky stuff has been censored, but the screams are still there. As is the valet who kept yelling, “Sit down!” according to Troy. How much do you tip someone who helps you give birth?

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