A Florida Man Danced To Hall & Oates On Top Of A Police Cruiser Because Vampires

Today in Florida news, a 44-year-old man named Christian Radecki drove to the Cape Coral home of Lee County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Frederic Janke, got out of his car (which was still running with the radio blasting, I should add), climbed on top of Janke’s police vehicle and danced to Hall & Oates’ “Rich Girl.” After that song ended, he continued dancing to Supertramp’s “Goodbye, Stranger,” before causing the following mayhem, according to the Smoking Gun:

In an entertaining probable-cause statement, investigators noted that, “Apparently when Radecki is no longer entertained by his own dancing, he moves to the hood of the vehicle, and immediately rips the windshield wipers backward breaking one of the lever arms in the process.” Radecki then went across the street and took an American flag from a neighboring home and returned to Janke’s house, where he waved it around “while walking back and forth across the property.”

If you’re wondering, Radecki had a perfectly good excuse for what he had done. Apparently, he was attempting to enlist the help of the Sheriff of Nottingham because a woman with fangs had threatened him that a human sacrifice involving small children was going to take place.


Thankfully, the entire ordeal was caught by surveillance cameras for our viewing enjoyment:

(Via the Smoking Gun and YouTube)