A Florida Woman Lost 130 Pounds And Got A Job At Hooters Because Some Drunk Dude Made Fun Of Her

Sometimes our words of inspiration come from the most unexpected people. At least that’s the positive and heartwarming spin that I’m trying to sell with this otherwise incredibly typical Florida story. Cearra Swetman told Fox4Now that at some point last year, she was having dinner and wearing a Hooters t-shirt, when a random drunk dude stopped her and made a snide comment about how she didn’t look like any Hooters girl he’d ever seen. Well, that was the buffalo chicken sandwich that broke the camel’s back, because from that moment on, she decided that she’d not only show that drunk A-hole what she’s made of, but she’d show the whole world.

Today, as she works to finish up her degree, Cearra is 130-pounds lighter and currently employed at a Hooters restaurant in Ft. Myers. Somewhere, that guy is watching this news report, if he hasn’t been arrested for buying or dealing meth, and he’s remembering how he said something obnoxious to this ambitious young lady. Or not, because he probably drank way too much Jager that night and can’t even remember how his jeans ended up in the neighbor’s dog bed.