A Florida Woman Named ‘Cherries Waffles Tennis’ Was Arrested For Fraud

In a name which surely could have only been concocted by a meth-addled exotic dancer, a 19-year old Florida woman named Cherries Waffles Tennis was arrested for fraud this week. Before you ask, no, Ms. Tennis was not arrested for fraud because she presented her name as “Cherries Waffles Tennis,” but because she stole a bunch of stuff using a fraudulent credit card.

Via the Palm Beach Post:

Cherries Waffles Tennis, 19, Vincent Mitchell, 19, and Paul Miller, 22, walked into Ground Swell Surf Shop on Donald Ross Road trying to buy two Ray Ban sunglasses worth $500 and a $100 GoPro camera.

Tennis asked the clerk to punch in the credit-card number instead of swiping it. The clerk became suspicious and declined the sale, according to an arrest report made public Wednesday.

See, that’s the kind of bad decision making that happens when you start out life with the name Cherries Waffles Tennis. Really, I just wanted an excuse to say “Cherries Waffles Tennis” again. I guess it could be worse. At least her mom didn’t name her after a bunch of Golden Girls or anything.

(Via Jezebel)