A Former High School Chemistry Teacher Who Was Diagnosed With Cancer Dressed Up As A Certain Heisenberg For Halloween

Like anything on the Internet, take this with a grain of salt (who’s to say I’m not a dog who’s occasionally mastered the art of typing with his paws? That would explain the number of typos and frequent asides to talk about butts), but Redditor “theoutlet” posted the following last night: “He has a masters in chemical engineering, used to teach high school chemistry and three years ago he was diagnosed with terminal cancer which is now in remission. Last night I was able to convince him to go to a Halloween party. Reddit meet my father.”

Hello, man who looks disturbingly like Walter White. “theoulet” could obviously just be sh*tting us and making everything up for some sweet karma action, but I’m going to trust his girlfriend, who commented, “I’m the GF and took the pictures of both of them together. I confirm all of this as true. So glad I got to see a great father/son costume!”

Now, she, too, could be pulling a fast one, and it’s in fact Krazy 8’s ghost behind both accounts, but I’m going to instead going to believe that this man’s father’s life went to crap and that he almost died — and then he didn’t — and then dressed he up as a fictional monster of a human being from a show about meth.

More heartwarming that way.

(Via Reddit)