A Fox Affiliate Is Catching Heat For Censoring A Famous Picasso Painting

Fox 5 New York caught a ton of flak this week after censoring a famous Picasso painting during one of its news stories.

The painting at the center of the controversy, Women of Algiers (Version 0), was recently sold at a Christie’s auction for a mind-blowing $179.4 million. The local Fox station was running a piece on the auction, but when it was time to show the actual painting, they decided to blur the breasts of the three women depicted in the famous work. Fox has no hate for the booty, though, allowing a set of buttocks from the painting to be shown during the news story.

Needless to say, the takes on the interwebs were rather toasty:

Feeling the white-hot fire from social media, the station posted a brief Facebook mea culpa:

At the very least, it was decent of Fox 5 to admit they were wrong. We can only hope, though, that Fox won’t immediately cater to the Helen Lovejoy-types of the world in the future. Doubtful, but maybe.

(Via the Guardian, Mashable)