A German Dentist Removed All Of His Patient’s Teeth Because Of ‘Energy Flows’

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A dentist in Germany will have to pay 20,000 euros to a patient after he unnecessarily removed all of the patient’s teeth.

The patient, Alex, who suffers from schizophrenia, believed that his teeth were “destroying the energy flows in his body” and causing his erectile dysfunction. His dentist agreed and set about removing all of his teeth:

The dentist, who calls himself a “recognized healer” tried to claim that he had to remove the teeth because Alex suffered from bone inflammation and was allergic to fillings. An independent medical exam of the patient proved this to be false, however. In fact, the inflammation only started after the dentist began removing all 19 of the patient’s teeth, a process that took four weeks.

As if this wasn’t crazy enough, the dentist tried to claim that Alex didn’t seem mentally unstable, and if anything, Alex owed him 50,000 euros for his healing services.

Four weeks of teeth removal is absolutely terrifying, particularly for anyone who ever had serious dental work or braces. I got my braces taken off over a decade ago, and I still have the occasional nightmare about all my teeth falling out. It’s part of the rotation of recurring nightmares, like showing up at school naked, or realizing I can’t graduate because I never showed up for math class.

The most reasonable explanation is that this dentist graduated from the Orin Scrivello School of Dentistry and Demon Teeth Healing.

Source: Death and Taxes