A Habitat For Humanity Chapter In Florida Wants You To Make Videos Asking Kate Upton For Help

Back in May, one Southern California high school senior learned the hard way that even if you make one of the most entertaining and clever prom invitation videos that the world has ever seen, the intended target may not say yes. In this case, Jake Davidson swung for the fences by asking two-time Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model Kate Upton, and while she entertained the idea on Twitter, she ended up declining. Poor Jake had to settle for taking model Nina Agdal instead.

But what if you make a video asking Kate to do something a little more positive than being arm candy at prom? That’s the question that the Habitat for Humanity chapter in Brevard County, Florida, is asking this week, as they’re asking the Melbourne-raised model to come home and be the guest of honor at the Third Annual Hard Hats and High Heels Gala.

Habitat for Humanity of Brevard County is having a contest to see who can make the best video to invite Kate Upton to join us at the Third Annual Hard Hats and High Heels Gala. Use your persuasive powers, humor, costumes, imagination or a fun local destination to show Kate why she’s just got to show up! Make a short video (no more than 8 seconds long), must include “Come Home Kate” in the video and be suitable for all audiences.

Yes, be suitable. That means no asking Kate if she’s going to dance like this:

Talk about a time crunch, the gala takes place on September 14, so people need to get to work on their videos. As Central Florida’s News 13 points out, it is unknown if Kate is actually planning on attending, but I would assume that if she is locked in, the Habitat folks would be going bonkers with the marketing by now. My guess is that this is a last ditch effort to add some serious star power to assist with a good cause, so hopefully Kate thinks this one is a little more important than some kid’s prom.