A Harvard Mom On Craigslist Wants To Buy A Car For Any Woman Who Will Take Her Son’s Virginity

Good parents know how to prepare their kids for college. They teach them about finances, balancing their schedules and do that whole “let’s see how drunk you can get before passing out while in the comfort of your own home” thing. Well, this mom from Philly took things to the next level by trying to get her son laid via Craigslist.

Here’s the ad:

This may possibly be fake or a ruse by some desperate high school kid to get laid, but it’s a pretty funny premise. The funniest part is the fact this cross country future Harvard student probably gets more ass than his mom’s ever fathomed in her life. He’s probably going to leave that concert with four women before the hired help comes a callin’.

Poor mom. Poor, whore-mongering mom.