A Heap Of Cowboys And Aliens Clips Plus A Freddie Wong Video

Today we have several trailers and clips from Cowboys & Aliens, which may secretly be “a $140 million dollar adaptation of a Far Side Cartoon” as page Scott Mitchell Rosenberg graphic novel published by Platinum Studios in 2006 (which they paid comic book stores to stock at the time), but just look at that Gary Larson comic.  Look at it.  Magnificent.
In addition, we have a new video funded by Universal and made by YouTube star Freddie Wong, whom you can watch drinking a shot of booze daintily with his pinky out before headbutting a sugar glass bottle for real, and then director Jon Favreau shows up with his magic big rig (this is not a double entendre).  But let us not ignore the real star of this video: the tumbleweed.  He’s a star, I tells ya!
All seven videos start on the next page, and yet none of them are an extended version of Olivia Wilde’s nude scene.  Man, they are underselling this.  Our version of the trailer would say “Olivia Wilde will be naked and also Han Solo and James Bond will be there.  OPENING FRIDAY WIDE OLIVIA WILDE NAKED DID WE MENTION THAT YET ‘CAUSE SHE TOTALLY IS AND POSSIBLY COVERED IN WHIPPED CREAM AND MAYBE DOING A LESBIAN SCENE WHO KNOWS YOU’LL JUST HAVE TO WATCH.”  We know how to sell things.  By the way, hello to all the people who found this post via a Google search.  I’m sorry we’re not porn.
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