A Home Robbery In Florida Ended With The Police Calling In The Bomb Squad


Right now, a couple of Hollywood producers are frantically contacting all of the writers they know who can flesh out a ripped-straight-from-the-headlines script ASAP. That’s because a really, really weird home robbery went down in Christmas, Florida, a quaint unincorporated part of Orange County. We’re talking David Lynch-ian levels of true crime, here.

How weird? Enough that what began as a simple robbery turned into the bomb squad showing up to identify and dispose of a significant cache of explosives. According to WESH:

Jesse Lowa, 47, arrived home from work at 5:30 a.m. and found two burglars, a man and a woman, on his property on Lazy H Lane, deputies said.

One of the burglars demanded money and shot the Lowa twice in the chest, according to deputies.

Let’s take a quick recap. So far, the robbery in question occurred on “Lazy H Lane” in an area called “Christmas” by the U.S. Census. Still with me?

Lowa survived and the two intruders escaped before the authorities arrived. However, two “persons of interest” were tracked by the police to a house not far from Lowa’s home. When they raided the place, they found two yet-to-be identified bodies and something else.

Authorities said they later found “an abundance of explosive devices of all kinds” inside the home. A bomb squad was called to the scene shortly before 11 a.m. as a precaution, deputies said.

Deputies said the explosive devices may be related to work that Lowa does in the pyrotechnics industry.

Yes, the guy who was robbed works in the “pyrotechnics industry,” and it seems some of what the two robbers stole from his home were work-related materials. The police have yet to confirm or deny that the two dead persons found were in fact the burglars.

This has everything! Home invasion, gunfights, explosives, running away from “the man,” possible industry espionage and a stand off — no wonder those Hollywood producers are giggling like little school girls.

(Via WESH)