A Jealous Lover Got Revenge By Cutting Off Her Rival’s Breasts With A Pair of Scissors

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People are often left emotionally scarred following a tumultuous break-up, but for 27-year-old Xiao Lin, the price for her involvement in a love triangle goes far beyond a broken heart.

Convinced Lin was the reason behind her and her husband’s impending divorce, a Chinese woman named Meng Pan decided to exact her revenge in a most gruesome way. After knocking Lin unconscious and tying her up, Pan went ahead and cut off her breasts with a pair of scissors. It all sounds like a horror movie brought to life.

The assault is said to have happened in the Chinese city of Heshan in south-eastern Guangdong province, when Xiao Lin, 27, was at home watching TV.

She later told her husband, Xiao Luo, 28, that she had gone to answer the door but someone had kicked it, knocking her in the head and making her fall to the floor.

A bag was put over her head before she was stripped and tied up, she claimed.

Her husband told local media: “She thought maybe it was a sex attacker but it was something much worse. The attacker cut off her breasts with a pair of scissors.”

After the alleged attack, the young woman, who was in agony, had the hood pulled from her face and she recognised her attacker as a lone woman, a person she had once worked with at a local factory named Meng Tsao.

According to detectives who arrested Meng, she admitted carrying out the attack and said it was because the other woman had stolen her husband.

To make matters worse — as if they really could get any worse, right? — it seems Pan’s husband never even had an actual affair with Lin. Also, medical officials believe that no matter the surgical procedure, Lin’s breasts can’t be salvaged.

However, when they spoke to the alleged attacker’s husband, Meng Pan, he denied that he had been in an affair with Xiao Lin, although he did have a crush on her – but said she had turned him down.

He said he had once told his wife that he found Xiao Lin attractive, so when he then decided to file for divorce, his wife had become convinced that she was to blame and decided to get revenge.

The attacker, Meng Tsao, has been arrested, while Xiao Lin was rushed to hospital, where medics told her it was impossible to reattach her severed breasts.

Me thinks love triangles of any kind are just not worth it. Now excuse me as I try to find a foolproof way to protect my own breasts…

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