A ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Used Her Intro Time To Invite Alex Trebek To Watch Her DJ

Senior Writer
03.24.15 4 Comments

Unless you’re a genius on the level of Ken Jennings or that really lonely contestant, chances are you’ll never end up on Jeopardy!. If you do get to test your intelligence on America’s second-favorite game show, you have to make the best of your time in one of three ways: win, lose spectacularly, or do something that might go viral. Otherwise, you’re just some poor schlub who wasn’t smart enough, and nobody ever remembers those losers. Brooklynite Jill Locascio qualifies for two of those three categories after her appearance on last night’s Jeopardy!, but because she seems cool and admitted that she blew her two-round lead over a basic brain fart, we’ll focus on the third one.

When it came time to introduce herself to Alex Trebek and the world, the academic librarian Locascio plugged her side gig as a DJ in the Williamsburg duo Jack & Jill. She even invited Trebek to come to one of their shows, and his response was… remember that Dave Chappelle bit when he talked about saying, “Peace!” to his white show business lawyers? It was basically that.

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