A Maryland Man Is Clearing Snow Outside His Store With His Awesome Toilet

Before today, David Goldberg was a mild-mannered hardware store owner in Bethesda, Maryland, but now he’s the owner of the coolest snow plow that you’ll see on YouTube this week. The Rockville resident created a motorized toilet that he calls “Loo-cy” for a parade last year, but when four inches of snow fell outside his store overnight, he decided to put Loo-cy to a far better use by strapping a plow to the front of it so he could clear the sidewalk. That is one toilet that is certainly not… you know it’s coming but you’re still waiting for it… crappy.

It’s definitely better than this snow plow in Philadelphia, specifically because it hasn’t been engulfed in flames and written off as a loss. So if you need a plow, hire the toilet and not the charred remains of a truck. The more you know.