A Michigan Judge Banned A Woman From Using A Cell Phone For Two Years


A distracted driver who hit and killed a cyclist has been sentenced to six months in jail and banned from using a cell phone for two years.

Mitzi Nelson was on her cell phone when she hit cyclist Jill Byeich with her car. Byeich was killed, and Nelson plead guilty to a misdemeanor. At her recent sentencing, Judge Stewart McDonald announced that at the recommendation of Byeich’s widow, Nelson would also be banned from using a cell phone for two years. McDonald argued that owning and using a cell phone is a “privilege,” and like any privilege, it can be taken away.

The cell phone ban is making headlines because it’s an unusual sentence, but there’s more to Nelson’s sentence, including jail time, community service, and thousands of dollars in fines:

In addition to losing her cell phone, Nelson was sentenced to six months in jail, 24 months of probation, 150 hours of community service and 20 drivers’ education classes. She must also pay $15,600 in restitution and $1,500 in fines and fees.

Judge McDonald was recently on Fox News to discuss the sentencing and the dangers of distracted driving. Check out the video below:

Source: Lift Bump