A College Student Cooked A Sandwich With His George Foreman Grill In Class On 4/20

I’m gonna be real here. College was a pretty long time ago for me, and I don’t really remember what the policy for eating lunch in class was. I mean, I guess it varies from professor to professor, as long as whatever you’re eating isn’t that much of a distraction.

A distraction like, say, bringing a George Foreman Grill to class, as this Mississippi State University student with cojones like solid steel truck nuts did. He not only made himself a grilled sandwich with bacon during class (on 4/20, no less), but sat in the front row while doing it.

Sadly, we only have this still image, as captured by his classmate Britt Reynolds on Twitter. Otherwise, this would be positively ripe for a #THUGLIFE Vine:

The hero student was later identified as Roman Ehrhardt. I hope next time, he remembers to bring enough for the whole class. And by “class,” I mean bloggers at home because I’m eating a salad right now, and that sh*t ain’t right.

(Total Frat Move via BroBible)