A Monkey Stole A Bus!


No intro. There’s no time. A monkey stole a bus. A monkey stole a bus!

The simian menace in the city took a turn for the absurd on Monday afternoon, when a monkey got inside a parked bus, switched on the engine and took off in the second gear. The driver finally managed to regain control but not before the vehicle had hit two other buses parked nearby.

A few things:

– That is the first paragraph of the story from The Times of India. It is a really great paragraph. I mean, it opens with the phrase “The simian menace” and it somehow — against almost insurmountable odds — gets better from there.

The Simian Menace sounds like the title of a Michael Crichton book that got turned into a movie in 1997. Jeff Goldblum plays a scientist. Obviously.

– Imagine standing on the sidewalk and watching this happen.

– Imagine Sheriff John Bunnell from World’s Wildest Police Chases narrating footage of this.

– “This monkey thought he could take a bus out for a joyride. Now the only bus he’ll be riding in is the one that takes him to prison to serve hard time.”

– A monkey stole a bus.


(Via Times of India, Mashable)