A Mysterious Giant Hole Has Formed In Siberia Out Of Nowhere

When we last left Siberia, a hail storm nearly wiped out a beach of innocent people who realized that Siberia had beaches. Now, there is a giant hole in the ground that appeared out of nowhere. How big is it? Well, it’s 262 feet in diameter and it wasn’t caused by Bruce Willis.

As you can imagine, the conspiracy theorists are probably already planning an entire season of Ancient Aliens around this huge hole in Siberia, but as it turns out, an explanation for the hole has already been given. From The Siberian Times:

Anna Kurchatova from Sub-Arctic Scientific Research Centre thinks the crater was formed by a water, salt and gas mixture igniting an underground explosion, the result of global warming. She postulates that gas accumulated in ice mixed with sand beneath the surface, and that this was mixed with salt – some 10,000 years ago this area was a sea.

A likely story. Why not a simpler explanation like aliens with a huge laser? That makes much more sense to me. Check out the helicopter video of the Siberian hole. It’s pretty neat.

(The Siberian Times Via Gizmodo)