A New ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ Trailer Reveals Superspies Fighting A Rage Virus

My father was a huge Bond fan, and as a result, I know the franchise backwards and forwards. And one can smell classic, over-the-top Bond all over Kingsman: The Secret Service, especially in the new trailer that just debuted.

It’s no secret Matthew Vaughn is a huge Bond fan. Go ahead, try watching X-Men: First Class and finding a part where he doesn’t reference a superspy movie. This trailer makes the influence even more apparent, although it brings Vaughn’s flair for action sequences to the mix and promises to be a little… edgier. Not only because the attack in question turns out to be a rage virus, but also because Vaughn is willing to be a little more lurid than the Bond franchise gets, as the red-band version of this trailer shows.

This really does look like an old-school Bond movie updated where it counts, namely in blowing up heads and the selective use of profanity. And really, isn’t the selective use of profanity the true measure of all great movies? We’ll find out February 13th.