A New Tumblr Is Turning Hollywood’s Biggest Stars Into Natural Redheads

In this age of Photoshopped perfection, it’s always refreshing to see a natural face, a natural haircolor, a natural body with all of its natural flaws. And every once in a while, a natural redhead in all of his or her ginger glory will blow our minds by flouting what’s supposed to be “traditional” or “acceptable” beauty. But what if we slapped those natural ginger traits on non-gingers? The results are on prominent display on Put a Rang on It, a new Tumblr and Instagram account that is turning the most beautiful people in Hollywood into natural redheads.

Above is Prince as a redhead, and here is Justin Gingerlake:

Antonio Bandered:

Opred (and it looks pretty amazing):

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Oprang @oprah #putarangonit #oprah #oprahwinfrey

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Lenny Kredvtiz:

This is a Kardashian:

And finally, Redhead Gosling:

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Rangyan Gosling #putarangonit #ryangosling

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This is the first step towards more ginger acceptance. How can the devil exist in any of these beautiful people…? Oh, hi, Maredlyn Manson.

Source: New Now Next

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