A Penn State Fraternity Has Been Suspended Over A Facebook Page Exploiting Drunk Women


Penn State fraternity Kappa Delta Rho has been suspended and could face criminal charges over invasion of privacy after a “secret” Facebook page was discovered by police. Tipped off by a former member of the fraternity, the page was allegedly used by members to share photos of unsuspecting female victims in “sexual or embarrassing positions,” as well as drug trafficking and hazing activities. Via Mashable:

The photographs accompanying the warrant included images of fully nude and partly clothed women and a scene of a man appearing to grope a woman, her pants partly pulled down.

Police said the informant who visited the police station provided brief explanations about individual photos. One, he said, showed a woman vomiting in a member’s room. Another, he said, showed “the type of stuff that happens at KDR.” Two other images showed strippers hired by the fraternity for a party.

Some of the posts included with the warrant were images of cellphone text exchanges, including one from a woman apparently concerned about a casual sexual encounter the night before and whether birth control was used.

Bros will be bros, right? It’s unknown what the repercussions will be to those (if any) who are found guilty on charges, but hopefully at least a few of these dudes will grow up and have daughters who go to college someday and this sh*t will haunt them for life.

Source: Mashable