A Pennsylvania Bear With A Bucket Stuck On Its Head For An Entire Month Has Been Rescued

A Clarion County, Pennsylvania bear with a bucket stuck on its head aptly known as “Bucket Bear” was freed Monday thanks to a rag tag group of rescuers who stepped in after the County Game Commission had been called in several times to no avail. The bear had miraculously survived over an entire month with the bucket on its head, spotted all around Clarion County — and had even inspired a Facebook page called “Save the Bucket Bear,” which had amassed over 2,700 likes.

The group of volunteers reportedly searched for the bear for two hours before locating it, chasing it for 20 minutes and then pinning the bear down while using a hacksaw to cut the thing off its head. One of the volunteers recorded harrowing video of the ordeal.

For their part, the game commission is covering their sh*t on why they didn’t do anything sooner, via PennLive:

“We received several calls over the course of the last month-and-a-half or so, and officers responded several times to sites where the bear had been spotted,” said Travis Lau, commission press secretary. “But we were never able to get there before the bear had moved on. We set a trap, which was kind of a long shot given the bear’s head was covered. That didn’t work either.”

The bucket turned out to be a “maxi,” one of the black air bags that provide cushioning between a tractor and its trailer. The metal rim of the maxi was around the bear’s neck and prevented rescuers from simply tugging it free. They chased down and pinned the bear to the ground, and then cut the metal rim with a hacksaw.

Bucket, air bag, whatever: It’s honestly just amazing that the poor creature was able to survive for that long with an object obstructing its entire head. But now that its been rescued and there’s been a nice happy ending, I think the whole thing is just begging for a Parry Gripp song.

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