A Pennsylvania Teen Has Been Suspended For Asking Miss America To The Prom

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04.19.14 9 Comments

If there’s one thing to take away from being in grade school, it’s that breaking the rules will get you in trouble. Punishment will happen. The punishment might be a joke, like say in-school suspension, but it will happen. A York, PA teen found this out the hard way when he decided to ask Miss America Nina Davuluri to prom. From USA Today:

Eighteen-year-old Patrick Farves said he received three days of in-school suspension Thursday because he asked Nina Davuluri to prom.

The senior at Central York High School stood up and popped the prom question, then walked to the stage with a plastic flower. Davuluri just laughed and the students cheered.

School officials heard about Farves’ plan in advance and warned him not to do it. He has apologized for disrupting the event.

The school says students are disciplined for breaking rules and this incident is no different.

Silly Patrick, you’re supposed to go to YouTube or Twitter if you’re going to ask out a famous celebrity. Not disrupt very important assemblies on Maths and such. You probably ruined everyone’s time in that auditorium and destroyed futures at the same time. Luckily you’re getting the harshest of punishments and won’t be trying such a silly stunt again in the future.

Then again, if this were to have happened in the real world and not at a public school, Patrick might be in jail right now with a nice gash above his eye. Or worse. Maybe we can write a petition up for this one? Get a viral movement going to persuaded Miss America into going to prom anyway, despite her busy schedule.

(Via USA Today / AP)

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