A Pregnant Woman Begging For Money In San Diego Was Seen Driving Off In A Mercedes-Benz

A pregnant woman who had been seen panhandling for money with her young son for months at a San Diego shopping center was seen getting into a Mercedes Benz and driving away, according to ABC10 news.

A local woman, Melissa Smith, had seen the pair, sometimes accompanied by the woman’s boyfriend or husband, several times over the course of two months. It was only on this particular occasion earlier this week that Smith observed them getting into the expensive car after taking money from several Good Samaritans.

“Lo and beyond they were in front of us,” she said. “Here they are counting money, laughing and their little boy is not in a car seat or seat belt. He’s all the way in the front seat with them.”

Smith said she took pictures on the car and license plate and watched them drive to another shopping plaza on Bonita Road.

It was at this point that Smith decided to play True Detective: Bust the Pregnant Lady and followed the woman to her next location.

“I’m going to take these photos so I can show my friends so they don’t give them their money. They don’t need it. They are driving a Benz,” said Smith. She said the woman saw her taking the pictures and started yelling at Smith to stop.

“Next thing I know, she picked up this big boulder,” Smith said, “I don’t know if pregnant people can do that. She puts it over her head and starts coming at me with this rock.”

ABC10 was able to run the license plate and tracked the vehicle to an Encinitas apartment complex. A woman who they were able to contact by telephone claimed that she had just moved into the apartment and the previous tenants had suddenly picked up and left.

Now, it’s very, very possible that this couple may have just recently fallen on some hard times, so I don’t want to play the judge, jury and executioner, here — but then again, innocent people don’t usually try to throw boulders at other people. I think I heard that on an episode of Law and Order once.