A Remake-Producing Virus Has Infected ‘Cabin Fever’

As much as we may send up remakes around here, if it has a new twist on a story, or the story was better than how it was told, remakes aren’t necessarily bad. One of the three movies tied for the most Oscars, Ben-Hur, is actually a remake. That said, we can’t say the latest news from the remake world bodes well.

As you may have guessed, Cabin Fever, the movie that made Eli Roth’s career, is on the remake block. For those who haven’t been following the Cabin Fever franchise, it’s amusingly messy as only direct-to-video releases can be. The director of the sequel attempted to disown it and discovered that since he wasn’t part of the Director’s Guild, he had to suffer with his name on it. But apparently it made enough money that a prequel, directed by comic book artist Kaare Andrews, is on the way later this year for Canadians in theaters, and in the US on June 26th.

So, with that proud legacy behind them, what’s happening with the remake? More drama, according to Bloody Disgusting!

Originally, Indomina [the production company behind the sequels] had planned on shooting back-to-back sequels, with the fourth film in the franchise being the cruise ship-themed Outbreak, penned by Adam and Deborah Marcus. The film was scrapped.

Now, sources at Cannes tell Bloody Disgusting that a remake of Roth’s classic 2002 cabin-in-the-woods splatterfest will go into production – without Indomina.

So, yes, instead of a cheap cruise ship movie, they’re going to do a cheap remake. We are sure absolutely nothing can go wrong. By the way, this is being produced by Cary Elwes’ brother. No, really.

It’s also only about a decade old, so we’re looking forward to more horror classics from that era being remade for no good reason. Like Ghost Ship! Or Fear Dot Com! Or Carrie… oh, wait.

Via Bloody Disgusting