A Rest Stop Once Known For Prostitution Is Now Famous For Its Poisonous Snakes, Because FLORIDA

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Poisonous Snake - Florida rest stop

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Despite what maps and history books tell us, I still find it hard to believe Florida is part of the U.S. and not actually some kind of mythical twilight zone. Considering it’s full of people who 1) eat whole bags of weed 2) don’t know what the District of Columbia is 3) run for political office after starring in multiple pornos, and 4) leave their significant others stranded on nudist beaches…can you REALLY blame me?

Now, here’s yet another ridiculous story that bolsters my Florida-isn’t-real theory: a Gainesville rest stop previously known for prostitution and drug trafficking is now famous for its infestation of poisonous snakes. Uhh, suddenly I don’t have to pee anymore.

The rest area on I-75 is like no other in the state; it sits atop a hill overlooking one of the most wild areas in Florida — Payne’s Prairie.

Earlier this year, bright yellow signs went up warning of poisonous snakes.

“They want to know what kind of snakes we have. I say, ‘You’re in Florida. You got all kinds of snakes,'” said rest area crew member Katie Mijares.

It’s also the only rest area to sport a 325 foot long walkway to overlook the prairie, designed, as you might guess, to look like a snake.

Snake warning signs aren’t the only unique thing about the rest area. It was once a hotbed of illegal drug trafficking. Another time, a major prostitution ring involving University of Florida co-eds was busted working out of here.

Below, watch a short news story on the ssssnake-filled resssst sssstop:

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