Watch A Six-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Get Surprised With A Superhero Bedroom

Pediatric cancer is terrifying, especially when it’s a rare one. The odds of survival are low, albeit improving, and just making it through the months of treatments can be a victory. So little Kaiden deserved some good news, and got it in the form of a superhero-themed makeover of his bedroom.

It’s courtesy of Special Spaces Wisconsin, a charity that specializes in making dream bedrooms for kids. The idea is that having a room built for them will give them a little comfort and make what they’re going through a little easier.

Kaiden himself is arguably a superhero in his own right; the kid’s in first grade but he’s already been through chemo and a stem cell transplant to put his bone cancer in remission. We wish him the best of luck in the future, and that he enjoys his new bedroom, which we’re kinda jealous of.