A Teen Has Confessed To Murdering His Family Over A Measly Inheritance

On Monday morning, a housekeeper discovered three dead bodies in a small-town Oklahoma home: 50-year-old father John Hruby, 48-year-old mother Tinker Hruby, and 17-year-old daughter Katherine Hruby. The only Hruby family member missing was 19-year-old Alan. By Tuesday night, he had confessed to murdering them, all because he owed a loan shark $3,000.

Stephens County District Attorney [Jason Hicks] said in a press conference Wednesday the murders occurred last Thursday, when Alan shot the victims with a Walther 9mm pistol that had been reported stolen earlier that day by his father. Hick said Alan confessed to owing $3,000 to a loan shark, and felt the murders would generate an inheritance so he could pay off his debt, reported (Via)

Hruby was caught after he traveled to Dallas and attended a OU/Texas game, violating his parole after he committed credit card fraud under his grandmother’s name, ringing up “nearly $5,000 in charges.” It’s unknown at this time whether Hicks will seek the death penalty, but it’s being “seriously…considered.”

Via People