A Texas Police Officer Had Cops Pull Over His Girlfriend So He Could Propose To Her

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01.20.15 8 Comments


Sara Wolff of Galveston, Texas was driving around minding her own business when a police officer pulled her over and told her she had a broken tail light. Wolff complied when asked to get out of the car, but what she didn’t know what that her boyfriend, Galveston Police Officer Gregory Parris, was planning a surprise proposal with some help from his buddies down at the station.

Houston’s KHOU.com reports:

Dash cam video captures what happened next. With a straight face, the officer told her she had outstanding warrants. He asked her to get out of the car. A lieutenant shows up to sort through it all and calls Ofc. Parris to make his move.

“He said ‘do you want her in handcuffs?’, and I said ‘ no don’t put her in handcuffs’,” said Parris. He drove up, walked out and got down on one knee. “He said Sarah Jane Wolff will you be my wife,” said Wolff.

She said yes, of course. And it’s a good thing she did too. “She might have gone to jail otherwise,” said Parris, jokingly.

HAHAHA GOOD ONE OFFICER ROMANCE. For the record, his betrothed said that she “[couldn’t] imagine being proposed to any better,” but I don’t know if every woman would have as good of a sense of humor. If it were me I would probably accept the proposal but then like, tell him I slept with his brother the night before the wedding. (The twist would be that I actually slept with his brother.)

(KHOU via Fark)

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