In Today’s Strange News: A Turquoise Colored Cat Is Roaming The Streets Of Bulgaria

All you other normal colored cats can suck it because this little green feline is about to break the internet.

In the tiny town of Varna, Bulgaria an oddly hued street cat is causing a bit of an uproar. After residents first thought their friendly four-legged stray’s turquoise-colored coat had been the work of vandals playing a mean prank on the poor animal, locals now think the reason for the cat’s unique look is a bit more innocent.

Since the little guy lives on the streets, it’s entirely plausible that he accidentally slept in some synthetic green paint (because apparently there are just puddles of that stuff all over Bulgaria) and then licked himself. People have been trying the catch the cat in order to give him a much-needed bath (he’s been walking around like this for over a year) but so far, he’s been too quick to catch.

The reason for that is now clear. This was no accident. Instead, it was the beginning phase of a much larger plan. First, radioactive cats in Bulgaria, then, world domination.

Via Buzzfeed