A Very Snoop Dog Halloween and Links

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2010 UPROXX Holiday Guide [Uproxx]

Gifts For Your Tacky Brother [Uproxx]

Let’s Get Down To Business (feat. Business Corgis) [UproxxNews]

A weekend of failures and perversion (and a Pedobear jack-o’-lantern as well) [UproxxNews]

One of my favorite Frotcast Episodes: Slam Poetry, Four Loko, Sh*t My Dad Says [

Ain’t no Halloween like a Corgi Halloween ’cause a Corgi Halloween can’t reach high shelves [WarmingGlow]

Tiger Woods Courtside At Magic Game [WithLeather]

Au Revoir Limewire, Good Riddance [TheSmokingSection]

Star Wars Rear Window Sticker [Buzzfeed]

Was Marty McFly the infamous Bed Intruder? [TSJ]

Facebook Fail: How to Compliment a Lady [ForkParty]

Miami’s Homeless Embrace Unwanted LeBron Cavs Gear [TheHoopDoctors]

Conan Fights Sea Monsters and Crushes His Enemies (Exclusive Previews) [ComicsAlliance]

“The 10 most disturbing movie scenes of the past decade. Miley Cyrus attempting to act strangely omitted” [Fark]

The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear – The Best Photos, Signs and Screw-ups [Urlesque]

VIDEO BELOW: Oh, bathtub dog. You are my little gentleman. [via JapanProbe]

[Banner pic via Buzzfeed]

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