A Wedding In Utah Was Interrupted By Transients Having Sex On The Church Lawn

While one young Utah couple was trying to have the most beautiful and memorable day imaginable, another older and far more disgusting pair of human beings was just trying to get some kind of freak on. According to a report from the Salt Lake City Police Department, a 60-year old woman and 56-year old man were engaged in lewd sexual behavior on the lawn of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church at about 6 PM, which is, of course, the right time for hot Saturday lovin’. The problem with this, aside from the incredibly obvious, was that there was a wedding going on in the church, and plenty of guests got an eyeful of seriously disgusting behavior.

We sometimes deal with some pretty disgusting topics and news stories – I have always been a big fan of bringing you the strangest stuff I can find – but I’m going to warn you that this officer’s official police report is pretty awful.

Ms. Sandra Kay Krusen was caught in the act having sex with Mr. [Wilson Benally]… had his tongue and finger inside of Ms. Krusen’s vagina. The two were laying on the church lawn (174 east 900 south) there was a wedding taking place at the time and four children in the wedding party observed the sex act. I was flagged down by the complainant who ran into the road to stop my car. I walked over to the couple and I physically saw the sex act. The two were both engaged in the act the two had to be pulled apart as they failed to follow directions. (Via the Smoking Gun)

What can I say? Some people are just really overwhelmed by the romance of a good wedding. What’s interesting about these two is that Benally has reportedly been locked up in Salt Lake City at least 102 times, while Krusen is basically an amateur with just 15 bookings. But if these two kids keep this up, she’ll be a veteran in no time.

Oh, and if that description from the police report isn’t graphic enough for you, here are their mugshots. Good luck bleaching this one out of your brains!