A Western Pennsylvanian Convenience Store Clerk Fended Off The Worst Robber Ever With Bug Spray

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10.22.14 3 Comments

Oh, this one’s got “meth” written all over it. In Berlin, Pennsylvania, a small town located about 75 miles southeast of Pittsburgh, a would-be robber got fended off on Sunday night with . . . A bottle of insecticide? The store clerk of the Coalfield Mini Market, Annabelle Miller, told police that a masked woman came into the store — not appearing to be brandishing any kind of weapon — demanding money.

Well, that masked lady picked the wrong store clerk to mess with, and got a face full of bug spray for her troubles. CBS News reports:

Miller says she refused to give the woman money and waited for her to leave. When she began to retreat, Miller sprayed the aspirational bandit in the face as the intruder left the store.

The encounter was caught on the store’s surveillance system. Miller says she’s glad she confronted the would-be thief, saying, “I just got mad. I’ve got better things to do with my night than that.”

Being that I live on the other side of Pennsylvania this is next to impossible for me to wrap my head around. So this was the big plan? Go into a convenience store with no weapon, ask for money and then sprayed in the face with bug spray? I mean come on, why didn’t the robber at least try to grab the bug spray or something? She probably could have traded it for a little bit of meth.

Don’t miss the surveillance video below for the saddest robbery FAIL face-full-of-bug-spray walk of shame ever.

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