A Wildfire Made These The Most Dramatic Wedding Photos You’ll Ever See

If movies and TV shows have taught us anything, and they have, it’s that men always bolt from their wedding with the speed of George Costanza leaving a child’s birthday party. But apparently movies and TV shows are full of it, because not only did Michael Wolber not become a runaway groom (Runaway Groom, starring Josh Duhamel), he stayed even though there was a WILDFIRE approaching.

Because of the Two Bulls wildfire outside Bend, [Oregon], the bride was informed, the ranch would have to be evacuated. With tears in his eyes, [April] Hartley’s father told the guests that they would have to relocate.

During the confusion that followed, the firefighters must have had a change of heart, because Kelly Louden of Rock Springs Weddings came running into the ceremony with her arms waving. The ceremony – albeit an abbreviated one – could go on. (Via)

The wedding was performed in half the time it was supposed to take (if only all weddings involved natural disasters), and April and Michael’s photographer, Josh Newton, quickly snapped some pictures. They’re amazing, something out of a Roland Emmerich wet dream. Almost makes you forget all the scorched animals.

See more at Josh Newton’s website.

Via Josh Newton