A-Wimoweh, A-Wimoweh — Here's A Mighty Borderlands 2 Trailer

So, there’s a new trailer for Borderlands 2 out, and it contains plenty of bloody alien carnage, killer midgets and giant boobs — you know, the kind of stuff you’d expect from this series. Less expected is that the trailer is set to ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’. Shrug, don’t ask me. I mean, there’s not a single jungle, mighty or otherwise featured anywhere in the trailer.

Lack of jungle aside, it’s still a pretty good trailer though. Check it out after the jump…

Well, I’m not sure if I need to run out and pre-order Borderlands 2, but that trailer did cause me to listen to Lion Sleeps Tonight half a dozen times in a row on YouTube, so uh, success?

via PC Gamer