A Woman Stabbed Her Husband In The Neck When She Found Nude Photos On His Phone


A word of advice for everyone with what is known in the modern vernacular as a side piece: if said piece sends you nude photos, remove that content from your phone or personal device. Because, if you don’t, you might get stabbed in the neck. That’s what Jasmine Teltow did to her husband when she found naked photos of another woman on his phone. Divorce involves a lot of paperwork; neck stabbing is really just a simpler, more convenient response.

Jasmine Teltow was scrolling through her spouse’s cellphone at their Dos Palos home Saturday night when she stumbled across the X-rated snaps, reports KFSN.

The 21-year-old allegedly argued with her 34-year-old spouse.

She then allegedly grabbed a kitchen knife and drove it into his neck at least once.

Teltow and her husband have two kids, who have been placed with social services. Her husband (his name hasn’t been released) was sent to the hospital with “nonlife-threatening injuries” and is out of the hospital now. Teltow has been charged with attempted murder.

Source: NY Daily News