A Woman Squirted Breast Milk At Pharmacy Staff To Distract Them As She Stole Money From The Register

This goes without saying ladies but spraying people with breast milk isn’t o.k. I thought y’all knew that but every so often you need a reminder. A woman in Germany walked into a pharmacy and asked for a breast pump. As the employee went to get her one, the busty woman popped her top, pinched a nipple and Super Soaker’d everyone in the face.

Then, as if that wasn’t crazy enough, the woman walked to another register and did the same damn thing. Two boobs, two registers—I see what you’re doing here lady.

Anyway, at the end of night, the pharmacists came up €100 short on the register. As it turns out, our heroine’s boob-milk-splosion was a ploy to swipe cash. Forget sleight of hand everyone, how about sleight of boob.

Police describe the woman as “having a ‘robust’ figure with long dark hair tied into a ponytail and speaking an unknown language.” So basically, exactly what you thought a sprayer of breast milk looks like.

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