Someone Is Trying To Auction Off Aaron Hernandez’s Jail I.D. Card

Aaron Hernandez
might be gone forever thanks to his recent conviction in his murder trial, but that doesn’t mean you need to forget him. One possibly unsavory individual keeps trying to auction off Hernandez’s jail I.D. card online, most likely as an attempt to capitalize on the former NFL star’s name and notoriety off the field.

The individual has attempted to auction the card off on eBay, posted it to Craigslist for the highest offer, and is now seeking at least $6000 on Facebook after the prior two avenues removed the sale from their sites. From TMZ:

As we previously reported … the guy who currently has the I.D. says he happened to come across the item during his stint at Suffolk County Jail, where Hernandez arrived in July 2014… His sales pitch — “Act fast who knows how long this may be posted up.”

Personally I wouldn’t want to own an Aaron Hernandez I.D. card. I’d be more interested in a Lenny Dykstra hair net from the prison kitchen or some of OJ Simpson’s “If I Did It” t-shirts he had made. Or let’s just skip the convicted felons and spend a beer weekend with David Wells (spoiler alert: it lasts all winter).

(Via TMZ)