Aaron Paul: ‘I Haven’t Eaten Corn Pops Since’

Esquire just released their Next Generation of Hollywood Stars, featuring a bunch of twenty-something white dudes like Taylor Kitsch, Armie Hammer, Garrett Hedlund, and Aaron Johnson, alongside 39 year-old Idris Elba and UPROXX favorite Aaron Paul. I heart Elba as much as the next Wire fan but whoever Esquire put in charge of “get a young black guy” didn’t exactly hit his mark.

The reason I’m really bringing all this up though is because in his interview our Bob Barker-loving pal touches on his first ever acting gig: the now internet famous corn pops commercial. AND our buddy I’m With Kanye made the above GIF to immortalize 2012 Aaron’s look back at shoveling down spoonful after spoonful of that sweet and poppy goodness. Video after the jump.

Never forget…

Esquire via I’m With Kanye