‘The ABCs Of Superheroes’ Features Uwe Boll And Liberal Amounts Of Bad Taste

Back before CGI and laser scanner, superhero movies were generally of poor quality. They had ill-fitting costumes, cheesy plots, and bad acting where the director’s girlfriend was shoved into a scene as a “reporter.” But those days are well behind us… or so we thought, anyway.

Yep, The ABCs of Superheroes has all that and also Uwe Boll. Plus Bai Ling. For some reason. We’re guessing the filmmakers have blackmail photos. Anyway, it’s an anthology movie dealing with the various themes of superheroics, as well as laying on the Troma vibe rather thick, what with the relentless gore, cheap costumes, women in skimpy clothing, menstruation as a weapon and, well, this:

We guess it’s still better than a cancer check from Brock Samson, but still. Ouch. Supposedly this will be allowed into festivals later this year.