About Those Robert Pattinson as Daredevil Rumors

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03.21.11 2 Comments

After it was announced last week that David Slade (director of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse) would be directing the Daredevil reboot, a rumor started circulating that he and the studio (Fox) wanted Eclipse star Robert Pattinson to play Daredevil.  During an interview with MTV this weekend Pattinson himself denied he’s been offered the role or even knew of the rumor (video below), and GossipCop also reports an anonymous source involved denied the rumor as well.

If somehow this debunking is, er, debunked and this 24-year-old ends up playing a lawyer/superhero much older than himself, I can live with it. I don’t have a problem with the guy; he even seems kind of cool, saying that he tried to read a Twilight book and thought it was someone’s sexual fantasy “that wasn’t supposed to be published”. On the other hand, do you want to watch a Daredevil reboot in a theater filled with nattering, cat-hair-covered Twitards?  Let me rephrase that: do you want to watch a Daredevil reboot?

[MTV and GossipCop via CBM]

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