‘Absolutely Anything’ Features Simon Pegg, Monty Python, And Aliens

Monty Python is the rare non-SF franchise that unites nerds as one. It’s really, really hard to find somebody at a comic shop or a gaming convention who can’t pretty much recite everything they’ve done from memory. And now we’ve got Absolutely Anything on the way, which isn’t a Python film but it’s pretty close.

The plot is, well, classic Python, according to Screen Daily:

Neil Clarke, a disillusioned school teacher who suddenly finds he has magical powers, bestowed upon him by aliens. The aliens will be voiced by Cleese, Gilliam, Jones and Palin. Robin Williams will also star as the voice of Clarke’s faithful dog.

Yeah, Eric Idle isn’t involved, but let’s face it, there’s nothing that guy won’t do if the check’s big enough, and we’re pretty sure Universal will write him a very big check. Equally exciting is Terry Jones coming back as a director and writer. Keep in mind, Jones isn’t just a comedian: He’s also an experienced director and he wrote Labyrinth.

Also, it’s a movie with Simon Pegg with “magical powers.” True, we’ll never see another “official” Python movie, not with Graham Chapman sadly gone from us. But if we’re going to get a semi-Python, it’ll be nice to have Simon Pegg around to firm it up.