Four Guys Trying To Play Mario With Portals Is Funnier Than It Has Any Right To Be

100 points at the flag? Now you’re (sort of) thinking with portals. Poorly.

The last couple times we checked in on Rooster Teeth, they were testing (WITH SCIENCE) if a real car could be safely driven in third-person perspective, and then they were producing a ridiculously funny mashup of Kinectimals and Cabela’s.  Now they’re back with “Achievement Hunter: Let’s Play Mari0”, wherein Geoff, Gavin, Michael, and Ryan play StabYourself‘s free Mario with Portals game.

That Mari0 game seems awesome in these videos, but it turns out the game is much harder than it looks.  Especially when you’ve got four argumentative guys playing the four-player co-op play mode, and at least one of them just loves shooting portals everywhere.  The video is long but managed to keep my attention the whole time, even while my eardrums were being blown out by people screaming into their mics about Gavin’s many, many portals.  Damn it, Gavin.  You killed them, you monster.

[Hat tip and cake to ToplessRobot.]