Ad Agencies: Why Won't Facebook Take Our Money?

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We usually make fun of Facebook as a company here, because, well, they’re kind of evil and they’ve basically put every one of us in contact with each other, and we’re coming to believe that they’re trying to force people to have a Facebook account in order to engage the internet in any possible way. So there’s that!

But still, it’s really funny to see advertising agencies, people focused very much on how they come off in public, complain about how Facebook cares more about its users than their money.

Here, for instance, is Mike Parker, the co-president of U.S. operations of Tribal DDB, talking about his frustration with Facebook: “For the longest time, we’ve been trying to call Facebook to do business with them and there’s nobody to pick up the call,” said Parker. “They’re very focused on the consumer experience, and less focused on revenue and working with advertisers.”

Admittedly, this sounds bad from a business perspective, and we’re assuming Parker was being diplomatic in his phrasing. Still, it’s really funny to read, and it’s nice to know that as badly as Facebook can treat its consumers, it can treat another entity even worse.

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