Adam Richman Posed With In-N-Out Burgers To Prove He’s Not A Vegan Anymore

A couple weeks ago, we reported that Adam Richman went vegan for three months to drop some pounds, but maintained that he’s still open to a steak now and then if the desire so fills him. He wasn’t kidding, either, because the former Man vs. Food star posted the above photo earlier this week of himself chowing down on some In-N-Out Double Doubles and animal-style fries.

As far as vegan diet breakers go, I have to hand it to him that he picked a good one.

Before we get into the obligatory In-N-Out, Five Guys, Shake Shack peeing contests, let me just say that I’m not hearing it. The last time I had In-N-Out was at the LAX location after not eating for like 12 hours while traveling, and it was the closest damn thing I’ve had to a religious experience. So, take it outside, boys.

(Via Foodbeast)