Adam Sandler Pays “Tribute” To Video Games Next Year With ‘Pixels’

Adam Sandler’s movie for 2015 has been announced, and since he’s already got an “adorable” romantic comedy coming this year, it’s time for a big effects-laden SF comedy! And it might make you want to take a sledgehammer to an Atari.

Normally, we don’t just dismiss movies out of hand. But read the plot summary from CinemaBlend for Pixels and tell us it doesn’t sound like utter pain:

Based on a script by screenwriters Tim Herlihy and Tim Dowling and set to be directed by Chris Columbus, Pixels begins when an alien race gets a hold of video feeds from classic 80s video games and interprets them as a declaration of war. Training using the game footage they have, the aliens decide to invade Earth, and the President has no choice but to turn to his childhood best friends and enlist a team of champion arcade video game players to help stop the extraterrestrial forces from destroying our planet.

So it’s Galaxy Quest, but using the cheapest recognizable games. We bet there’s a chase scene where they run away from ghosts! Yes, Kevin James is involved; he plays the President in question. If this sounds familiar, beyond that Futurama episode, it’s because it’s adapted from a quite good short film, which is… a lot less goofy:

If the movie’s willing to either be a little dark, like the short, or is done by somebody with genuine affection for gaming, this might be worth watching. But somehow we doubt either is in play. Pixels hits theaters in May 2015.

Via CinemaBlend