Hundreds Of Fans Show Up To Pay Respect To Adam West During His Bat-Signal Tribute In Downtown LA

Fans of Batman and Adam West filled the streets around City Hall in downtown Los Angeles to pay their respects to the late television star. West passed away on Friday at the age of 88 following a short fight with leukemia, sparking a slew of praise and tributes over the weekend. The tribute was led by L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti and Police Department Chief Charlie Beck who were joined by West’s former cast mates, Burt Ward and Lee Meriwether, members of West’s family, and some representatives for DC Comics.

The event was scheduled for 9 pm and many fans did their best to get as close as possible to the steps of City Hall for the prime view of the ceremony. But even if that wasn’t the possible, the beauty of the event was the assurance that everybody would have a chance to see the biggest tribute of the night:

Fans packed in tight to witness the signal lighting, popping up in costume and almost treating the entire thing like a big comic book party. While Meriwether and Ward weren’t in costume, there were plenty of Robins and Catwomen in attendance alongside some Jokers, Riddlers, and Penguins.

The original Batmobile also made an appearance at the event, completing the showcase for many in attendance:

And best of all, fans got the pay tribute and enjoy the moment however they wanted to. If there was a perfect way to say goodbye to Adam West in a way he would’ve enjoyed, L.A. got pretty close on Thursday night.