Relive All Of Your Dieting And Gym Pain With The Latest ‘Hello’ Parody

Not everybody in the world may have gone through an earth-shattering love affair that ended in pain and suffering, but everybody has definitely experienced the pain of saying no to an extra slice of pizza because you just put in an hour at the gym and you don’t want to waste the effort. With the internet’s latest “Hello” parody, that endless struggle is put into song. For every slice of gluten-free pizza that is suffered through to save a hundred calories, for every late-night craving that goes unanswered in the name of a better butt, for every second helping of mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving that is turned down because you have a cruise coming up, this song rings true.

And as funny as it may seem now because we’re in the dead of winter and everyone can wear sweaters and long pants to hide that extra 5 pounds, beach season is right around the corner. We’re only a few weeks away from New Year’s Resolutions and the yearly trend of 30-day six-pack ab programs as people prepare for the spring. So even though it’s a great joke right now this parody also brings with it the specter of the extra-long gym days to come. The good news is that at least this season there’s a new Adele album to listen to while we slave away on the treadmill.

(Via Dustin and Genevieve Ahkuoi)