This Beagle Proves Why Dogs Are Man’s Best Friends When Chilling With His Family’s New Baby

New parents have a lot to worry about, or so I have picked up from movies, television, and occasionally people I actually know. Between preparing financially, emotionally, and physically, there are a hundred other things that people without children would never think to prepare for.

One of these is planning on introducing your pet to the new baby. Pet owners often think of their pets as their children, but some of that is bound to shift when an actual human baby enters the mix. How the pet will react and the ease of adjustment is surely something to stress over.

Well, one family’s fears were unfounded, because dogs are the best and most kindhearted creatures to walk this green Earth. After keeping their pet beagle apart from the baby for the first few months at home, they finally decided that the day had come for the two to meet. While both are hesitant at first sniff, the gregarious pooch eventually slides his way toward the baby, before assuming a relaxed, prostrate repose. Obviously, the baby realizes that he has met the greatest friend ever, and things only get cuter from there. Every kid should have a dog, and these two are obviously on the cusp of a beautiful friendship.