Adult Film Stars Reveal What Positions Take Them To Their Happy Place And Their Answers May Shock You

Warning: language definitely NSFW!

Adult video website Woodrocket conducted yet another episode in their popular “Ask a Porn Star” series, this time asking adult film actresses: “What Position Makes You Orgasm The Most?” And surprisingly, as it turns out, porn stars: they’re just like us! Although there were a fair amount of votes for “cowgirl” and “doggy style” as the position that makes their geysers explode the best, the overwhelming majority of women pointed to “missionary” as their favorite, which is traditionally thought of as a “boring” position.

I’d be remiss, however, if I didn’t give a shout-out to porn star Rain DeGrey, who dropped the following jam session at the 1:46 minute mark. And just in case anyone was concerned that I might be employing hyperbole clickbait tactics with that headline…

I cum so f*cking easy it’s ridiculous. I cum from getting my toes sucked, I’ve cum from somebody licking on my hipbone… The first time I successfully fisted someone and I actually felt their ass close around my wrist, I had an orgasm and fell on top of him and he thought I was having an epileptic seizure — like, “No, baby. Give me a second, I’m just cumming.” I’ve cum from having my ass eaten, um, I’ve cum from being caned… Ah, I’m not a fair person to ask because a gentle breeze makes me cum.

There’s pretty much only one thing left to say, here…